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APRETUDE is covered by most private insurers and Medicaid*

  • Covered for more than 9 of 10 patients on commercial insurance
  • Covered for the majority of Medicaid patients

*For those with coverage under the medical benefit. Covered means any potential for reimbursement from a health plan and may include step edits, prior authorizations, and other restrictions. Consumers may be responsible for varying out-of-pocket costs based on an individual’s plan and its benefit design. Insurance plans vary. Source: Coverage data are provided by Managed Markets Insight & Technology, LLC, as of July 2023.

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Eligible, commercially insured patients may pay as little as $0 copay
per injection

Subject to eligibility and program terms and conditions. ViiVConnect programs do not constitute health insurance.

Copay Information

Starting Your Patients on a Specialty Drug

As a specialty drug, APRETUDE may require a departure from your typical practice pattern:

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APRETUDE is dispensed through a specialty pharmacy rather than a retail pharmacy

APRETUDE Ordering Guide

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Like other HCP-administered drugs, APRETUDE may be covered through either medical or prescription insurance

Reimbursement Support

APRETUDE may be administered in an HCP's office or an Alternative Site for Administration (ASA)

ASA Locator

Starting patients on APRETUDE involves:

  • Confirming Insurance Coverage

    APRETUDE may be covered under a patient's medical or pharmacy benefit (sometimes both). This coverage may be through Medicare, Medicaid, commercial insurance, or ADAP.

    Benefit coverage

    The benefit verification process will confirm how the patient's insurance plan covers APRETUDE, as well as whether it requires a prior authorization. You can begin the benefit verification process for your patient on the ViiVConnect.com Provider Portal.

    You can also find a helpful PDF that explains how to read the Summary of Benefits Report and a checklist for managing benefit verification independently on ViiVConnect.com.

    ADAP=AIDS Drug Assistance Program.

  • Assigning an Administration Site

    In-office administration

    Administering APRETUDE in your office may allow you to reconnect every 2 months on patients’ sexual history, check on their current health, and monitor their adherence to medication, among other advantages.

    ViiVConnect services and support offer a number of helpful, downloadable resources for administering APRETUDE, including an APRETUDE Prescription Flow Overview, guides on subjects such as APRETUDE acquisition and ordering, and checklists for specialty pharmacy and Buy and Bill acquisition options. For more downloads and support, visit ViiVConnect.com.

    Injection scheduler tool

    Select a target initiation date and view your patient’s potential APRETUDE administration schedule with this helpful online tool.

    Create an injection schedule


    Some HCPs prefer to send patients to an ASA, which handles the acquisition and administration of APRETUDE, as well as other services.

    The ViiV network ASAs provide defined services for APRETUDE to support patient adherence. These services include:

    • Benefit verification
    • Coordination of prior authorizations
    • Navigation of ViiVConnect and Patient Savings Program
    • Clinician-led onboarding call for patients
    • Regular communication with your office
    • Multiple patient appointment reminders

    The ViiV ASA Locator Tool may also include non-network ASAs that have indicated that they can administer APRETUDE at their locations. However, their service offerings may be different than those listed for ViiV Network ASAs.

    The ASA Locator Tool may help you and your patient find an ASA.

    Find an ASA

  • Acquiring APRETUDE

    How the payer covers APRETUDE will determine how it is acquired:

    Manage the entire acquisition process with Buy and Bill

    If your patient’s insurance covers APRETUDE under the medical benefit, your office can purchase APRETUDE directly from a specialty distributor and store it on site until you administer it.

    Up-to-date payer contracts and accurate coding are crucial for proper reimbursement. Be sure to verify payer coding requirements.

    Get the APRETUDE Buy & Bill Checklist

    Acquire medication through a specialty pharmacy

    If your patient’s insurance covers APRETUDE under the pharmacy benefit, or an Assignment of Benefits was performed under the medical benefit, then your office can likely acquire APRETUDE from a specialty pharmacy.

    The patient typically pays any drug-related copays or coinsurance directly to the 
specialty pharmacy.

    Get the APRETUDE Specialty Pharmacy Checklist

    Use an Alternative Site for Administration (ASA)

    The ASA both acquires and administers APRETUDE. Locate an ASA>

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How ViiVConnect can help

Services available include:

  • Benefit verification and annual reverification
  • Prior authorization, claim denials, and appeals support
  • Specialty pharmacy support and appointment reminders for patients

Contact ViiVConnect

Call 1-844-588-3288 (toll-free) Monday-Friday, 8 AM-11 PM ET. Multilingual options available.

Visit ViiVConnect.com